Благотворительный фонд «Национальный фонд помощи медицинским учреждениям Фондздрав»

Our mission is to promote qualitative development of Russian healthcare system through active educational activities, access to reliable information about the world's best medical practices, new technologies and equipment. To popularize a healthy lifestyle and modern methods of health maintaining. FondZdrav

About the Foundation

Сharitable organization "The National Fund for assistance to medical institutions Fondzdrav" develops its charitable activities, providing assistance to medical institutions, drawing attention of public and commercial structures to the problems of healthcare.

Our work is to provide a real help to healthcare system. Since the inception the Fund transferred about 200 units, more than 400 units of consumables and supplies to russian hospitals and clinics.

What we do

We conduct our activity in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, whose members are honored people of our country and people who want to help society and Russia in a whole.

If you need our help, please contact and we will be glad to do our best.

We are confident that we will find support in the community, and plans of the Fund are actually realized for the benefit of the nation and the state.

Report 2015

"Promotion of vocational training for medical specialists" program

The total number of participants of the educational program in 2015 – 203. 18 events were organazed.  

"Equipment for hospitals" program

We transferred to health institutions 105 items of equipment in the amount of 38150 pieces. The total number of beneficiaries – 47.

Educational and social projects of the Foundation

  • Mobile donor actions were attended by 134 people

  • An annual educational program for children "Healthy nation – the future of blood donation" was attended by 30 people

  • Information support and website maintenance "MIOM.NET" http://miom.net, 891 visits per year

  • Publishing, development and promotion of scientific journal "Transfuziologia" and the journal's website http://transfusion-web.ru which was attended by over 10,000 people.

We invite benefactors

The Foundation invites benefactors and patrons to participate in charitable activities of the Fund and the implementation of its statutory activities. The Fund invites individuals, legal persons, both Russian and foreign, as philanthropists. The Foundation proposes to use the donation agreement and a contract offer for participation in charitable activities. For all inquiries please call +7 495 380-02-29 or by e-mail info@fondzdrav.ru. Foundation is pleased to participate each, who are interested in the development of charity and health issues in Russia. Together we can raise the level of medical services, training of medical professionals, equipping hospitals. Together we can raise the level of medical services, training of health professionals, equipping hospitals and as a result - reduce the incidence of citizens!

Foundation representatives

Foundation supervisory board


Viktor Vasilyevich Maleev, Chairman of the Foundation supervisory board

Deputy director of the Central research epidemiology institute for Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in scientific and clinical work, member of RAS, higher doctorate degree in medicine, full professor, laureate of state prize and RF Government award in dcience and technology.


Anatoliy Mikhaylovich Zaprudnov, member of the Foundation supervisory board

Higher doctorate degree in medicine, full professor, head of pediatrics and infectious diseases in children department of the Doctors improvement faculty at the Russian State Medical University  (DIF RSMU).


Nataliya Mikhaylovna Belyaeva, member of the Foundation supervisory board

Higher doctorate degree in medicine, full professor, head of infectious diseases department at the Russian medical academy of postgraduate education.

chechetkin.png Chechetkin Aleksandr Viktorovich, member of the Foundation supervisory board

MD, Professor, chief transfusiologist of St. Petersburg. Director of Russian research institute of hematology and blood transfusion. Chief editor of scientific journal "Transfuziologia".

potapsky.jpg Potapsky Vladimir Marjanovicmember of the Foundation supervisory board 

MD, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Major-General of Medical Service, Deputy Chief Physician in Blood Transfusion Station of Moscow Healthcare Department

Foundation expert board


Nikolay Mikhaylovich Samutin, Chairman of the Foundation expert board

Higher doctorate degree in medicine, full professor, member of Russian Academy of Medical Technology and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, deputy director in scientific work for FSBI “Research institute of human ecology and environmental medicine n.a. A.N. Sysin” of Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation


Vladimir Borisovich Yakimenko, member of the Foundation expert board

Microbiologist, Doctorate degree in Medicine.


Zarembin Vladimir Ilyich, member of the Foundation expert board

Doctorate degree in Medicine, expert in sterilization, disinfection and hazardous medical waste recycling.

Foundation team


Svetlana Viktorovna Krupina, Director of the Foundation

Graduated from MSU n.a. M.V. Lomonosov and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Worked as a head of the Center for social and psychological assistance to children and adolescents, was in charge of marketing, advertising and PR in a number of medical organizations. Head of the Foundation since February 2013.

Essential Elements

The National fund for assistance to medical institutions Fondzdrav

Beneficiary bank:

OJSC «Promsvyazbank» Moscow, Russia


Current account 40703978600001000071


of.16, 43g/8, Khoroshevsoe shosse, Moscow, Russia, 123308

+7 495 380-02-29

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